Services We Deliver

Managed IT Services We Offer

The Netvision Technologies is a technology driven company providing end-to-end IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services.
Since 2014 it’s the industry’s prefered choice as One point solution for all IT requirements.

Single point of contact for the management of all incidents, problems and requests

We efficiently streamline reports and requests through a dedicated client portal. Empower IT Solutions makes it simple and fast for end users to use our IT services without hassle.

IT Hardware Procurement

We will help you get products that are 100% compatible with your existing hardware. Toss the hard work on us – we will have the best product at the best price for you.

Incident, problem and change logging, tracking and management to resolution

Obtain full visibility of the problem-resolution process. From IT requests done by end users to all communication and steps undertaken to solve the incident.

Email, phone and portal logging facility

Upon signing up, customers are immediately given all options for contacting and facilitating IT services.

Standard service requests logging, tracking and management

Efficient service management to respond and resolve end-user requests in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Service Desk & Client management

Empower IT Solutions delivers great customer service by managing tickets, tasks, and communication all in one platform.

Service Delivery Reviews

We set regular meetings with the management to review and assess our customer-focused service delivery.

Dedicated Account Manager

One point of contact that is ready to help your business with any IT needs from Empower IT. With a dedicated account manager, you can be confident that your business is in reliable hands working on your behalf.

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