Our Major Services

Single point of contact for the management of all incidents, problems and requests

We efficiently streamline reports and requests through a dedicated client portal. Empower IT Solutions makes it simple and fast for end users to use our IT services without hassle.

IT Hardware Procurement

We will help you get products that are 100% compatible with your existing hardware. Toss the hard work on us – we will have the best product at the best price for you.

Incident, problem and change logging, tracking and management to resolution

Obtain full visibility of the problem-resolution process. From IT requests done by end users to all communication and steps undertaken to solve the incident.

Email, phone and portal logging facility

Upon signing up, customers are immediately given all options for contacting and facilitating IT services.

Standard service requests logging, tracking and management

Efficient service management to respond and resolve end-user requests in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Service Desk & Client management

Empower IT Solutions delivers great customer service by managing tickets, tasks, and communication all in one platform.

Service Delivery Reviews

We set regular meetings with the management to review and assess our customer-focused service delivery.

Dedicated Account Manager

One point of contact that is ready to help your business with any IT needs from Empower IT. With a dedicated account manager, you can be confident that your business is in reliable hands working on your behalf.

Server Support Services

The Netvision technologies offers service and support for server equipment and optimization. Servers are a crucial business component and require an additional level of cover from us to ensure that it stays working well and securely.We can also provide assistance with basic and enhanced OS support.

Network Support Services

The Netvision technologies will design top network IT support solution that fits your company, ensuring that your data is protected and your system secure. Our team of highly trained experts stands ready to maintain the integrity of your networks through the implementation and any network issues that arise in the course of your operations. But emergency network service isn’t the most important part of what we do – we take care to perform regular preventative maintenance and diagnostics on every network we serve, implementing the latest tools and techniques in the network support industry.

Structured Cabling

The Netvision technologies offers cabling solutions which direct organization towards the system of wiring that facilitates the easy transmission of data, across various platforms. We are the pioneers in the field of cable structuring and are adept at offering cabling system services for both new and existing infrastructure.

Fibernet Services

The Netvision technologies offers Fibernet services incredibly faster and reliable broadband services with terrific network speed, efficiency and pleasing tariff options, your business will witness a faster and a model internet network, at a much lesser cost.

For Plans and connections, please visit Netvision Technologies

Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line Services ensure that you get access to your own private, reliable, secure and high-speed internet connectivity 24 x7. We provide guaranteed upload and download internet speed and ensure our Internet service that meets your business requirement fulfill.

Branch Office Connectivity

Communication becomes challenging for small- and medium-sized companies with branch offices, warehouses, or business partners located in various geographical areas. These companies frequently need to share customer information, check inventory, look up sales data, transfer files, process invoices, and exchange e-mail.

We Offers Cost-effective branch office connectivity solutions that combine application availability with fast and timely access to business information, to increase productivity and stay competitive.